CeCe and Dolin Simons


I made my own challenge build off of things i live seen in real life and other challenges i have read. There are a lot of rules and conditions so this is subject to change but it will only be changed by me adding things as I think about it.


  • -Starts off with 2 children age and gender are up to you and both parents mother and father.
  • -Once starting the game in your town and house that you can select
  • -Both parents must get jobs including teens.
  • -You will also pick who will die either mother or father, if you pick father mother must be pregnant first.
  • -I keep aging turned off and age my Sims when I want too, you can do the same, use base game aging or age to your own preference.
  • -Parent must past away making other parent single


Find a job work, take care of the children, pay the bills and make it work.


  • The other parent should date and try to find someone now to love IT CANNOT BE A SIM YOU ADD TO THE GAME (we all know you will create he or she to be perfect) It should be a base game sim.
  • They can remarried after racing 10 children as a single parent


  • That’s is up to you
  • with so many children i like professions


  • I find it easy to make money when my children get the scavenger hunt challenge and have them pick up everything I can find and sell it…
  • Everything my sims due they pay including photoshoots
  • they make extra money selling gifts from gift giving partys and finding gems and rocks